Halo vs. Apollo – Who’s Got the Better Ratings

Halo and Apollo are so popular that there will be mixed reviews about their performance. This is because all the customers are not of same type. The popularity will vary according from user to user. However, the e-cig which is really good in their performance will be rated as the best in common. Halo and Apollo reviews will provide you ratings of these e-cigs. With the internet, this rating system has become more worldwide and easier. Not only the users but also the specialist of e-cigs will provide rating of these well-known e-cigs. Depending on those ratings I am going to compare these two e-cigs and will ultimately know that which one is better.

Apollo E-cig Expert and User Ratings

Rating can be established in different ways. However, we will always believe the rating of a standard survey. The rating provided by the users in the main website of Apollo e-cig is within a range of 10 points. Now, the rating on different features of Apollo will be shown. In Packaging it as got 8.6 out of 10; in Battery life 9; in Refill types 9.6, in Vapor Quality 9.6, in Flavors 8.6, and in case of Cost or Value it has got 10 out of 10 as Apollo e cigs offer coupons and discounts as well as a free disposable E-cig in each starter kit you order. The overall rating will be the average of all these and the number is 9 out of the range of 10. This is really a trustworthy score by the users. We have also got some experts rating and on an average it has achieved on the range of 5- in Packaging and design 4.5, flavors 2.5, Vapor 4.5, Battery 4.5, and overall 3.5. However, it is an overall rating which will not determine your own selection. You have to judge by your own to know whether it is suitable to you or not.

Halo E-cig Expert and User Rating

Halo main website collects ratings directly from the users and the customers. However, a rating on 100% range has been taken by the company. It has shown that its Vapor production is 98%, battery life is 90%, flavors is 84%, prices is 92% and the selection is 89%. On an average the overall rating is 91% on the range of 100%. In contrast, the license to vape which is a rating standard has provided 9.6 as an overall rating out of 10. In details, Vapor and throat hit is 10, battery and hardware is 9, price 10 (with halo cigs coupons all around), flavors 10, and warranty 9.

From the overall rating it is clear that Halo has got better price and features combination than Apollo. But the rating of Apollo is not low too and also undoubtedly makes it a candidate as one of the best E-cig brand in the industry. It’s safe to say that both brands are great choice and that both brands will help you get Apollo cigs discounts and Halo cigs discounts with their coupon codes offering.

Five Reasons Why V2 Cigs Totally Convinced Me To Switch

E-cigarettes are awesome devices that lets you have your daily dose of nicotine and the same look and feel of smoking traditional cigarettes but without all the harmful chemicals, tar, smoke and ashes that traditional cigarettes have. They provide a new avenue for people to smoke a healthier stuff and it can save millions of lives. But there are still many people who doubts it.

For a period of time, I was one of them. Not until I saw and tried V2 cigs.

V2 cigs is one of the leading E-cigarette brand around. In fact, it can even be consider as the best around. V2 cigs produce superior quality E-cigarettes, awesome flavors and treat their customers as family. I was reminded by the greatness of V2 cigs today when I saw the top v2 cigs discount code at Vapor-codes.com The V2 cigs coupons there are just amazing, I cant believe V2 cigs or any other E-cig brand would let their customers get as much discount as that but they did. And that’s why I so love V2 cigs.

Here are five reasons why V2 cigs totally nailed it and convinced me to finally switch to E-cigs. Read on.

1. One of the most important reason v2 e-cigs got my support is because of their flavors. v2 cigs have awesome flavors including the top selling V2 Red which taste like Marlboro cigarettes and the Sahara which taste like Camel. These flavors that taste like real cigarettes make the transition much easier. Furthermore, their other flavors like the Cola, Vanilla and Cherry also taste good and can appeal to people who have sweet pallete like me.

2. V2 offer Affordable and awesome starter kits ranging from the very basic to the more detailed one. If you want just to try V2 Cigs, you can get the Beginner’s Kit which will cost you not more than $25. The kit has one battery, one flavor cartridge, chargers and one disposable ecigarette. If you are looking for the complete experience though, choose the V2 Ultimate Kit, it’s one of the best E-cig starter kit we’ve seen around.

3. The V2 Power E-cig is an excellent offer that gets my attention. It is perfect for those who spend their time in front of computer screen (and as a writer I am one of those people who works in front of my computer for longs hours everyday). Because one can simply attached it to your USB port and it will start producing vapor. It will not run out of battery because it is producing vapor while charging.

4. V2 cigs assured their customers that with every V2 package they receive, they are only getting the best. They are transparent with their E-liquid ingredients that they publish it online. They also provide a batch number for each E-liquid, so you can enter your batch number on their site and see the quality assurance results of your cartomizers. They are also so sure about their product quality that they have a lifetime warranty on all of it – a feat that no other E-cig brand around offer.

5. And last but not the least, v2 cigs coupon code! Yes, V2 cigs offer a lot of V2 cigs coupons around as I said above. One can use to get instant discount and there’s always one somewhere that you can use to save money. There are V2 cigs 25% off coupon code and there are even some that can help you save as much as 50% off. With these electronic cigarette coupons and discounts at dealometry.com, I don’t need to pay full price for my E-cigarettes ever again! How awesome can that be.

What Sets Blu Cigs Apart From The Rest

Blu ecigs is one of the oldest and most established E-cigarette brands on the market. It is probably the most famous brand around having celebrities supporting it and TV ads that runs nationwide in the US. It had been dominating the market ever since 2005 and is still growing bigger and bigger as of today. This is because Lorillard, one of the biggest tobacco company (manufacturer of cigarette brands such as Newport and Kent) around had bought Blu cig and is now taking Blu ecigs into the next level. This only proves that Blu cigs is an awesome E-cigarette brand. Because a brand wouldn’t be around for long if its not a reputable one. But what sets Blu cigs apart? Here are the answers to that.

Accessibility and Availability – Blu electronic cigarettes is probably one of the very few E-cig brands that you can buy online as well as in your local gas stations and convenience stores. You see, online shopping is great, but nothing beats running up to the local gas station for replacement cartridges (deliveries take at least a day to arrive). The availability of Blu cigs everywhere in the US takes away the temptation of switching back to traditional cigarettes when you are craving for nicotine and your E-cigs delivery hasn’t arrived yet.

Sleek and Attractive Design – while other brands are busy thinking about designing all possible colors,shapes and styles, Blu cigs chose to stick on the sophisticated and simple black and white design with the beautiful Blu logo and their signature Blu LED tip that lights up. Blu cigs also has the same size and weight of traditional cigarettes making the transition to E-cigarettes much easier for beginners.

The All New Blu pack – the Blu pack had been one of the main reasons why Blu cigs stands out from the rest. Blu cigs revolutionized the world of E-cigarette by offering a portable charging case that is small, manageable and so easy to slip into your pocket or purse. It has enough slot to hold five Blu flavor cartridge, 1 Blu cig charger and 1 slot for charging. Everybody was astonished but Blu didnt stop there. Blu cigs had come up with their all new improved e cigs pack that has the Social Feature. This Blu pack has the ability to vibrate whenever another “Blu” user or a Blu retailer is on the 50feet radius. This is perfect for meeting new friends and sharing your vape with a fellow vaper.

High-Quality Flavor Cartridges – Blu cigs many not have a huge range of flavors to offer unlike other E-cig brands, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for quality. Blu cigs is the first E-cig brand that manufactured their E-liquids in the US. They’ve partner with famous juice maker Johnson Creek to make sure that the taste and flavors you’ll get is perfect.

These are just some of the reasons why Blu cigs is the best E-cig around. So get your ecigs today and start enjoying your Blue experience. Get them at a discounted price with this blu cigarettes coupon code from our friends at CDCsupplychain.com For anyone else shopping around for their E-cigs, make sure to take advantage of these Blu cigs coupons and enjoy your E-cigarettes while you save money.

The latest discount code for blu showed 20% off refill cartridges, and $5 coupon code for starter kits. Link for blu cigs coupon

Awesome Finds: All About Top e-Cigs + Coupon Codes Just for you!

One of the latest technological development that amaze us and made us say “Awesome” are Electronic Cigarettes. More than three million Americans are using electronic cigarettes today mainly because they are very stylish and they come with many advantages. So how does an E-cig works? In E-cigarettes, there is a heating filament inside the cartridge that heats up the nicotine vapor. This is activated by just inhaling through some models (automatic batteries), or when inhaling you need to hold down a button with manual batteries.

Here Awesome Facts About E-cigs And Why You Should Get It Now

  • It’s Awesome how some E-cigarette flavors really feels and tastes like actual tobacco such as V2 cigs Red 18 that taste like Marlboro Red and South Beach Smoke Menthol taste like Menthol Tobacco.
  • It’s Awesome how E-cigarette can give that same feel of traditional cigarette without all the thousands of harmful chemicals traditional cigarettes have (including 20 cancerous Carcinogens) giving you a healthier alternative to smoking.
  • It’s Awesome that you can smoke E-cigarettes in non-smoking zones. Now you dont need to out of the club just to get a puff. You can even light your E-cigarettes in libraries and hospitals.
  • It’s Awesome that E-cigarettes eliminate Second hand smoking.
  • It’s Awesome E-cigarette has real smoke coming out of it and a light at the tip that makes it look like a real cigarette.

So are you convince to switch to E-cigarettes now but dont know where to start? Then let us help you. Everyone is different so we recommend trying out some brands and flavors for yourself. This five awesome brands should give you a nice starting point for you. In addition, we’ve got coupon codes for each brands too, to help you save money while trying your first E-cigs. Furthermore, remember that the best way to start off with E-cigs is to buy the starter kit (which includes a charger, an extra battery and refill cartridges) or a dispisable E-cig if you are not sure if you will like E-cigarettes.

Our Top 6 Awesome E Cig Brands (& coupon codes) for 2013:

1. V2 Cigs – 40% off discount code – must use the v2 cigs coupon code 2014 on holiday bundle kit. (source: dealometry)
2. South Beach Smoke – 25% off code
3. Green Smoke – 25% off starter kit coupon
4. Bull Smoke – coupons? can’t find any
5. Vapor Couture – there are plenty of vapor couture coupon codes online like this 15% off starter kit
6. Blu Cigs – $5 Off starter kits or 20% off cartridges coupon  – *BLU* Coupon Code Link (vapor-codes).

Awesome Ways To Save Money

SaveMoney Awesome Ways To Save Money

With the terrible economy in so many countries around the world, there is definitely no person out there who doesn’t like to save as much money as possible. Whether you are as rich as a billionaire or commoner trying to meet ends, still you would look for ways on how to save. This is why more and more people nowadays are looking for ways to shop frugally. This includes everything, too, not just groceries or clothes but also gadgets, vacation deals and more. If you are one those frugal shopper, then here are some AWESOME advice on how to save money:

Tip #1: Check your weekly ads that come in the mail. Some companies send out special coupon booklets, containing the numerous sales in your local area. Not all people in all areas receive this booklet, so take advantage of it. If you are tech savvy and is always online, the equivalent of this online is to join certain mail subscription lists that would allow you to receive alerts, coupons and promotions in your email address.

Tip #2: Check newspapers, magazines and stores for coupons and coupon codes: cut them out, bind them and use them every time you shop. Coupons are amazing! The discounts can vary to 50% off, save $100, free delivery, buy one take one and more. Think of it as a free money and you will be using it nonstop. This is a big way to save money—so take advantage of this and don’t be ashamed to use coupons. Again, when you go online, you don’t even have to subscribe to any newspapers or magazines. You can just visit some great coupon sites around and you can instantly get coupons. Or google the product or brand you like + the word coupons. And if they do have coupons, search engines will bring it up.

Tip #3: Turn off thing that are not in use. Probably the most overused advice in saving money, BUT still the most neglected. If you are not using appliances, or the water, or the stove, then simply turn it off and you will save money.

Tip #4: Buy in Bulk and stacked up if you can. The more you buy, the more you save.

Tip #5: Another way to save money is to shop on certain days of the year. The day following Thanksgiving is like a traditional day for many stores to hold huge sales. This day is called ‘Black Friday.’ These sales usually last only a few hours, and if you can get up early enough, you can benefit from some of the extremely steep savings. Some items are sold for as cheap as half off, but only during that specified period of time. Nowadays, they also added another day of discounts. It is called Cyber Monday where every gadgets are on sale. One should take advantage of both days.

Another big shopping day for obtaining good deals is the day after Christmas. This is an extremely busy day, as people all over are returning and exchanging unwanted Christmas presents to stores. Retailers take advantage of this fact by marking their merchandise down to much lower prices, as a way to tantalize the customers who are already in the stores anyway.

Other good times of the year to save money is at the end of each season. Stores need to get rid of the inventory from the previous season to make room for the new season’s items. Many stores will have items on sale for as much as 70% off.


Awesome DJ Earworm 2013 Mashup!

This just took our breath away!!!!

DJ Earworm has just released his annual United States of Pop mashup for 2013, titled Living The Fantasy, via YouTube and it just so AWESOME!! Featuring songs from Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lorde, Macklemore, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake! and many more.

Everybody should listen to this!

Everything Is Awesome!

awesome 1024x736 Everything Is Awesome!

Awesome (noun)
The oldest meaning of “awesome” is “something which inspires awe”

(excellent): excellent, super, phenomenal, fantastic, terrific; wicked

Welcome to RubyIsAwesome.com used to only be a site dedicated to a certain awesome girl name Ruby who is the head writer of this site. Now it is also a site to share all the awesome stuffs available around. It can be as simple as perfectly twisting an oreo cookie. Or your favorite team winning the championship. Here are other some things that are awesome to start with:

When the dog’s really excited you’re back home. When you’re all tired and the day got you down. And suddenly, you unlock the door and your mood zooms sky-high as there’s a super excited and loving dog to greet you. Finally! Someone’s happy to see you.

When you get a little extra in fast food restaurants or discounts at other shop because your friend works there.

When it feels like the lyrics to the song you’re listening to were written just for you. Sometimes great artists just seems like they’re singing right to you. So come on, nod quietly and just sing a long.

That moment on a roller coaster after you get to the top of the first big hill and before you go down it.

When you officially become boyfriend girlfriend.

When someone in a movie gets hit in the head or crotch. for some reason there’s just something  awesome about seeing someone on TV or in a movie get hit in the head or crotch. It maybe the humor or you are just thankful that it didnt happen to you.

Giving Birth. It’s how we all got here. That moment is life’s one greatest miracle.

Today is awesome! The past is gone, the future is far, nothing else matters, except where you the present. That’s why it is called a Present. Everyday is a gift to enjoy and treasure.

I am Awesome. You are Awesome. We are all Awesome in our little ways

Stick with us here at RubyIsAwesome.com to witness amazing things happen!